“Have Your Cake, and Eat it Too”

Despite a decidedly increased interest in healthy eating and general wellness, people still desire tastes that they associate with calorie-dense foods, mostly items high in sugar, saturated fats and sodium. Basically, we “want our cake and eat it, too.”

On average, an American consumer takes in about 270 calories from sugar daily (13% of total calories), 11% of total calories from saturated fats and about 3,440mg of sodium. These averages are too high, based on the conclusions reached by the American Heart Association and the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee.

A number of food companies started to change their manufacturing processes to replace calorie-dense foods and drinks with nutrient-dense foods and drinks. Nutrient-dense foods are naturally lean in solid fats and have little or no added solid fats, sugars, refined starches, or sodium. There’s now a great variety of these innovative foods on the supermarket shelves — cereals, yogurts, juices, canned foods, etc.

Unfortunately, few food companies are willing to adopt new processing technologies when it comes to one of the almost universally beloved food stapes — chocolate. Basically, manufacturers are happy to keep chocolate in the “naughty-but-nice” category, mostly due to concerns that removing the “indulgence” factor from the chocolate might affect the consumer’s acceptance.

The formula behind Swiss Element 365 chocolate was designed to prove that when it comes to chocolate, you can reach the same velvety texture and great taste without compromising its healthful characteristics and benefits. With only 75 calories in each 14-gram chocolate bar (slightly less than 1/2-ounce), it’s a healthy and tasty alternative to the mass-produced, calorie-dense chocolate, which is currently dominating the industry.

Moreover, each 14-gram block contains a potent 200mg of cocoa flavanols, a plant nutrient naturally found in cocoa beans. An important distinction is that the cocoa flavanols are not added in the process of making Swiss Element 365, but rather preserved in their natural form through the meticulous and complex handling of the cocoa beans.

Lastly, to help you maintain your healthy eating patterns, we designed our packaging to control calories and guide your daily intake of chocolate, and thus cocoa flavanols.

So there you have it — you can now “have your cake and eat it, too.”

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