The Good Life Grows on Trees!


The relationship between good health and a specific food has been known for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians knew that eating liver would help cure night blindness.

In the early 1900s, scientists began a series of studies that led to a greater understanding of how certain naturally occurring elements in foods could help prevent specific diseases. Eventually, vitamins and other components were extracted from the foods in which they appeared and were offered as dietetic supplements.

From the very beginning of this effort, there has been a concern that what you look for is what you find, and there were other essential elements in a food that you won’t find in an extract. Which is why, the general recommendation of the medical community is “get your vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients from food, and not supplement extracts.”

As a result, SWISS ELEMENT 365 is a chocolate produced directly from the natural source — the cocoa bean. Its potent flavanol content is not an extract. The flavanols, which are the beneficial phytonutrients, were in the cocoa bean from the beginning. Mother Nature put them there, and all we did was use a process that preserved them. The good life grows on trees!

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