Come for the health, stay for the taste.


Q: What makes this chocolate healthy?
A: Hint – no, it’s not avocado, but it’s OK to be skeptical.

It’s cocoa flavanols. Our proprietary chocolate formula was developed to allow 200 mg of these mighty cocoa flavanols to be captured in a small 14-gram chocolate bar (a little less than ½ – ounce) WITHOUT compromising the exceptional taste or the velvety smoothness of the chocolate that you’ve come to love and expect in top-quality Swiss brands. The taste of SWISS ELEMENT 365 is rich and authentic, the same as the flavors we love in a traditional chocolate. Do we need to say more?

Q: Hello? Did you hear of dark chocolate, anyone?
A: Hmm, let us say this about that…

A bunch of “alternative facts.” In the public’s mind, ‘dark’ chocolate has become linked to heart health. But color is not a true criterion for healthy chocolate. The standard method of processing cocoa beans into chocolate destroys most of the cocoa flavanols, which is the ingredient responsible for those beneficial effects. So while dark chocolate is being praised in the media and widely consumed for its alleged healthful properties, most people don’t benefit from the ingredient that actually has been shown to positively affect your health. Our mission is to deliver the benefits, not simply claim them.

Q: So, what should I be paying attention to?
A: The cocoa flavanol content.

That role is played by cocoa flavanols, a bioactive compound naturally present in cocoa seeds (cocoa seeds are cocoa beans BEFORE they’ve been roasted). As a result of an innovative processing technique, we are able to preserve higher concentrations of cocoa flavanols. In SWISS ELEMENT 365, you will find 200 mg of those potent cocoa flavanols in each delicious 14-gram chocolate bar.

Q: Did you say healthy AND delicious?
A: CORRECT, no nutritional compromise here. But wait, there’s more!

We designed our packaging so that it guides your daily ritual of absorbing cocoa flavanols into your circulatory system in the most enjoyable way — no pills, capsules or tablets. While many dietetic regimens begin with the best of intentions, most fall apart because they are unpleasant or difficult to follow through. We predict that it will be highly unusual for you to forget to indulge in a piece of delicious SWISS ELEMENT 365  chocolate every day.

Q: OK, sign me up, but why take it every day?
A: Good question!

Benefits of cocoa flavanols have been backed by 20+ years of scientific research, including human clinical trials. If made a part of a regular diet, they have shown to promote good blood circulation. And here’s the top prize — well-oxygenated blood flow in the body leads to better energy, improved sleep, and better brain function. As far as we know, this is the only way to enjoy chocolate totally guilt-free.

And we SHOW it  — we put the actual amount of cocoa flavanols on the label.

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