How it works

SWISS ELEMENT 365 is a daily supplement for chocolate lovers. It was created from a proprietary formula developed by The Swiss Institute for Health & Aging Well.

Each tablet contains 200 mg of naturally preserved cocoa flavanols, which help support the healthy circulation of nutrients and oxygen in the body by maintaining normal vascular elasticity.*

SWISS ELEMENT 365 does not require any additives or fortification to deliver its intended function — just naturally preserved cocoa flavanols.

In contrast to the traditional method of processing cocoa beans, which destroys all but 9% of the natural cocoa flavanols, SWISS ELEMENT 365 uses a technique that preserves 50% of these naturally occurring flavanols. This mild, time consuming and cost intensive approach, coupled with strictly controlled cocoa bean sourcing, results in a naturally healthy chocolate.

SWISS ELEMENT 365 is produced in central Switzerland. We deliver it to you once a month, directly from Switzerland, under temperature-controlled conditions to preserve the maximum freshness of the cocoa flavanols.

Our proprietary chocolate formula was developed to allow 200 mg of cocoa flavanols to be captured in a small 14-gram chocolate tablet (a little less than ½ – ounce) without compromising the exceptional taste or the velvety smoothness of the chocolate. Only a small amount of Swiss Element 365 needs to be consumed on a daily basis, whereas with other products containing flavanols like wine, tea, etc., unsustainably large quantities would need to be consumed to obtain the same benefits.

SWISS ELEMENT 365 presents a series of full, aromatic dark chocolate notes, tempered by a slightly sweet cooling effect as it melts on your tongue. Each tablet contains 14 grams (slightly less than ½ – ounce) of a delicious chocolate. We recommend taking one tablet each day.

As SWISS ELEMENT 365 melts in your mouth, you will sense a cooling effect, somewhat similar to the taste of a mint. SWISS ELEMENT 365 is changing from a solid to a liquid. This is the point at which it should be swallowed.

The flavanols in SWISS ELEMENT 365 were originally bound together by the molecular structure of the cocoa matrix. As the chocolate melts at your body temperature, the flavanols are freed to flow into your circulatory system, delivering their heart-health benefits.

We are the only company using the highest quality Swiss chocolate to produce a cocoa-based dietary supplement designed to help maintain healthy blood circulation in the body.



Each tablet of SWISS ELEMENT 365 weighs 14 grams, or just under a ½ – ounce. Our box is designed to act as a calendar, guiding the daily intake. Each box contains a month’s supply.

SWISS ELEMENT 365 is offered as a single box and as monthly and quarterly subscriptions, with each box containing a month’s supply of 35 pre-portioned dark chocolate tablets — 30 or 31 pieces for personal consumption, and the remaining 4 or 5 to be shared with friends.


We believe that once you have felt the effects of SWISS ELEMENT 365 you will want to share it with others. Accordingly, we include a few extra tablets in each box.

Regular intake of Swiss Element 365

In order to obtain the effect, 200 mg of cocoa flavanols should be consumed daily. This amount is provided by less than ½ - ounce tablet of SWISS ELEMENT 365, and should be consumed in the context of a balanced diet.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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