Clinique La Prairie and the Swiss Passion for the Art and Science of Life

For 85 years, Clinique La Prairie has been a world leader in the area of wellness and the art and science of longevity. As of April 2017, the clinic’s clients have been offered Swiss Element 365 — the smart chocolate developed by the Swiss Institute for Health and Aging Well, designed to help support heart-health and better aging.

This is consistent with everything that has given Clinique La Prairie their reputation for excellence. “The clinic is committed to providing the very best that innovation has to offer,” says Gregor Mattli, president of Clinique La Prairie. “Because each person is unique, our doctors, therapists, and nutritionists work closely together to create personalized medical programs to bring you the very best that well-being has to offer during your stay at Clinique La Prairie. This is our passion.”

Dr. Anne Laurent-Jaccard, a specialist in eating disorders and nutrition, reminds her clients that good health begins on the plate. And when it comes to chocolate, she dispels the common myth that any chocolate delivers health benefits. “In reality, it is cocoa flavanols that play this role. So it is best to opt for chocolate with high concentrations of cocoa flavanols and take small daily portions, to avoid consuming too much fat and sugar.”

“The flavanols in Swiss Element 365 were originally bound together by the molecular structure of the cocoa matrix. As the chocolate melts at your body temperature, the flavanols are freed to flow into your circulatory system, delivering their heart-health benefits,” says Natalia Wolf, Managing Director of the Swiss Institute of Health and Aging Well. “We love the idea that there’s a luxurious indulgence that has shown to promote good blood circulation, and it’s delivered in the highest quality Swiss chocolate.”

To celebrate its 85th birthday, Clinique La Prairie has recently undergone a complete metamorphosis. From the moment you enter the clinic, harmony, luxury, and perfection permeate the air. The new infrastructure is not only breathtakingly beautiful, featuring luxurious rooms and suites, a Michelin- starred restaurant, an amazing spa, lush gardens and spectacular views of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps. The new visual identity of the clinic is also complemented with the new cutting-edge medical technology, equipment and services, and a highly skilled and respected medical personnel.

This artful blend of tradition and innovation has made Clinique La Prairie a world leader in the field of longevity and well-being, and this is what will sustain its unique appeal and success well into the future.

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